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Lyndon Gray and Jarrad Payne Present Ogino

Lyndon Gray and Jarrad Payne Present Ogino

Lyndon Gray and Jarrad Payne Present Ogino

Lyndon Gray and Jarrad Payne Present Ogino

7:00 pm

Lyndon Gray and Jarrad Payne Present Ogino

Interlude at The Lab

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Lyndon Gray (double bass, electric bass and otamatone) and Jarrad Payne (drums, keyboards, electronics, lap steel guitar) present their original live soundtracks to the experimental animations of Japanese film maker Shigeji Ogino.

These short animated films were all produced in the 1930s and are a testament to the freedom afforded to the independent artist with a highly personal vision. The films radiate with the irrepressible energy of someone exploring the limits of a new technology. Disarmingly and deceptively low budget in appearance, Ogino’s ingenuity with colours and shapes can take you by surprise with their hidden depths and emotive resonance.

Gray and Payne have concocted six completely different sound worlds to accompany the films. In this duo format it is “all hands on deck” as they utilise a variety of instruments to create sonic backdrops that can be spiky, subdued, rocking, probing, pretty and silly and aim to be as inventive and resourceful as the animations they are accompanying. This staging of the project promises to be a very special outing the amazing visual capabilities of The Lab.

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