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Elsy Wameyo

Elsy Wameyo

Elsy Wameyo

Elsy Wameyo

8:00 pm

Elsy Wameyo

Visuals by Dave Court

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Hip-Hop/Soul Singer/Songwriter Elsy Wameyo was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1999.

Elsy stages diversity in her music, embodying the soulful rhythms influenced by her Christian experiences to energetic and poetic verses induced to challenge societies boundaries. Elsy Wameyo started singing in church at an early age and was greatly influenced by the traditional sacred sounds. Gospel music began shaping her musical vision after realising the gift God placed within her. Later she went on to receive the best solo performance award and impressed audiences with her singing abilities during school talent showcases. Elsy delivers a soulful aura to the Playback 808 kingdom through her music, by pioneering a natural expression of conscious and impactful lyrics. Elsy began writing and expressing herself through music at the age of 13. After recording her first demo track with award-winning singer-songwriter and rapper Tkay Maidza, she continued recording at the local studio, Northern Sound System and began earning comparisons to established artists such as Lauryn Hill, Vera Blue and H.E.R. She officially began her music career after opening at the Playback 808 concert in 2017. A natural performer, she continued to peruse a performance career after being noticed by the founder of Playback 808 DyspOra. She began recording and performing alongside Playback 808 at various venues. DyspOra did not fail to notice her acts of using music as an outlet for her artsy mentality, thus pursuing her musical vision. Elsy was officially added to the Playback 808 team in 2017, hence making her the first female soul artist of the group. Visual content design by Dave Court.

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Elsy Wameyo

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