The Lab Rats

The Lab Rats

A collective noun is specific to one kind of thing, especially terms of venery, which Identify groups of animals for example; a mischief of rats.

Noun: MISCHIEF /ˈmɪstʃɪf/ “playful misbehaviour”

Lab Rats is a collective of creatives from various disciplines or background who have met and mingled through weekly artistic workshop programs. Established in 2021 to foster a community of artists and enable them to artistically explore the unique and diverse technological opportunities The Lab provides through collaborative work. Lab Rats has built a network of forces to be reckoned with and enables its members to have time and free access to experiment with ever-evolving immersive technologies, explore the intersection of technology and arts and underwrites the risk inherent in trying something truly new.

The Rats

The Lab is seeking Rats from all walks of life with interests or skills in immersive audio, visual, performance, art, science, technology and a desire to learn, collaborate and create. No prerequisites, only interest required.

The Goal

A multi-disciplinary mischief of rats; researching, developing and collaborating to create unique, exciting techniques, art and performance utilising the comprehensive audio, lighting and LED system within the Lab.

The Hypothesis

What happens when you take a coder, visual artist, a technician and a musician into a unique Audio Visual “Laboratory”?

Upcoming and previous Shows

"I joined the Lab rats halfway through my final year of studying design at Tafe. At the beginning i joined because my class was to utilize The Lab for our grad show and I wanted to learn as much as I could to help facilitate that; but after attending several meetings I was very excited with what the local up-and-coming creatives were generating and although I personally didn't get involved in the performances, I did take on the role of social media manager. That experience alone has helped me in my field of choice and I look forward to contributing throughout my career." – Liam

"The Lab Rats sessions gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of artists while pushing me to develop my technical skills and giving me the freedom to try things I don't normally do (i.e. poetry)" – Orlando

"I've loved working with the Lab Rats on multiple shows! Their incredibly productive, friendly community makes a great sandbox for developing new ideas in a really flexible performing environment." – Carla

"I know, this is going to be 100% cliche, but seriously, it's true. The opportunities and experience of the Rats has actually changed my life. I had no idea what I was doing with my life or how to be genuinely happy but over the last year, I have met a group of amazing and talented people, made awesome friends, spent way too much money on music and computer equipment, had a blast putting on shows and just being genuinely happy more often than not. My experiences, all revolving around the rats, have meant so much to me that this year, that at 44, I'm going back to school (uni) so I can change careers and make music / art / entertainment my life." – Shaun